9th – 10th March 2021

Asia-Pacific Session

13.50 SST (Singapore Standard Time) 05.50 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Enhancing LNG bunkering in the Asia-Pacific

14.00 SST (Singapore Standard Time) 0600 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
Keynote Presentation: LNG Bunkering in South Asia

  • Improving small-scale LNG plants & terminals across Asia, ready for LNG bunkering
  • The regulatory reforms that must be investigated for it to implemented effectively
  • Regional cooperation including establishing a common market & knowledge sharing

14.45 SST (Singapore Standard Time) 06.45 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
China’s International LNG Bunkering Center

  • Design and concept – planning for China’s first international LNG Hub
  • Understanding the phases of construction
  • What the hub means for China’s LNG Development

15.30 SST (Singapore Standard Time) 07.30 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
Japan’s International LNG Bunkering Center

  • Design and concept – planning for Japan’s first international LNG Hub
  • How coordinating with other nations will increase the hub’s effectiveness
  • What the hub means for Japan’s LNG Development

What the future holds – LNG bunkering vessels

16.15 SST (Singapore Standard Time) 08.15 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
Asia’s Global Bunkering Hub – Singapore

  • LNG bunkering and its road map for Singapore
  • The current operations ongoing in Singapore including its STS work
  • Future directives for Singapore to become a global LNG Bunkering hub

16.30 SST (Singapore Standard Time) 08.30 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
From concept to build – revolutions in LNG bunkering vessels

  • Understanding how design limitations can affect overall vessel capacity
  • Cross design possibilities between barge, ships, and terminals
  • Future technologies that will aid the LNG bunkering vessel design and build

17.15 SST (Singapore Standard Time) 09.15 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
Panel Discussion: Technological advances in LNG bunkering

  • Solutions to LNG bunkering links
  • Considerations that must be looked at for fit-for-purpose systems
  • Looking to how future systems could be implemented into current vessels

18.15 SST (Singapore Standard Time) 10.15 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Middle East & Africa

12.50 GST (Gulf Standard Time) / 08.50 UTC (COORDINATED UNIVERSAL TIME)

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The Bright Outlook for Middle East & African LNG Bunkering

13.00 GST (Gulf Standard Time) / 09.00 UTC (COORDINATED UNIVERSAL TIME)
Keynote Presentation: OAPEC’s role in promoting LNG Bunkering

  • OAPEC’s goal of defining the Arab region as an LNG Bunkering Hub
  • Utilising its organisation to lobby for cooperation & information exchange to make this possible
  • Overcoming the challenges of creating an Arab region LNG Hub

13.45 GST (Gulf Standard Time) / 09.45 UTC (COORDINATED UNIVERSAL TIME)
Nigeria’s rise in LNG as a fuel

  • How the Gas Policy was developed to further increase LNG usage in Nigeria
  • Attracting investment to scale up LNG bunkering capabilities
  • Roadmap to intensify the usage of LNG as a fuel through floating storage through to terminals

14.30 GST (Gulf Standard Time) / 10.30 UTC (COORDINATED UNIVERSAL TIME)
Establishing Oman as a regional LNG bunkering hub

  • Capitalising on location to develop a regional LNG bunkering hub
  • Utilising domestic infrastructure and gas reserves for marine use
  • Promoting future LNG investment in the port

30 Minute Virtual Coffee Break & Networking

Fuel Bunkering – a future snapshot

15.45 GST (Gulf Standard Time) / 11.45 UTC (COORDINATED UNIVERSAL TIME)
The bunker industry’s future

  • How the bunker industry will look in 10 years+
  • Situations that drive the industry to meet targets
  • Options and drivers for alternative fuels to decarbonise the shipping industry
  • Future fuel mixes

16.30 GST (Gulf Standard Time) / 12.30 UTC (COORDINATED UNIVERSAL TIME)
Panel Discussion: LNG and the road to decarbonisation

  • Making inroads into Bunkering – alternative energy sources
  • Utilising shore power during bunkering to lower emissions
  • Future fuels for alternative fuel

17.30 GST (Gulf Standard Time) / 13,30 UTC (COORDINATED UNIVERSAL TIME)

Closing remarks & thanks.

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